Written by Helena Deland
Produced and mixed by Gabe Wax and Helena Deland
Engineered by Gabe Wax, Valentin Ignat, Benoit Parent
Mastered by Heba Kadry

Helena Deland: vocals, guitar
Alexandre Larin: guitar
Vishal Nayak: drums
Gabe Wax: keys

1. Someone New

If I could have every thought
As though for the first time
I’d never get sick of
The patterns of my mind
But I am stuck

If things go my way
I’ll stay in this room
Where tonight I want to lay
Kissing someone new
With a familiar face
I can’t replace

Because remembering, no
It hasn’t been enough
It’s like the partial glow
A bright flower gives off
At night
Color imprecise

What if I told you
It’ll all just end the same
And then turned to you
Showed you my game
You’d believe I’m stuck
Until I get ahold of

A stranger to remind me
I don’t contain the world
It is outside, can’t I see?
And in it I’m this lucky girl
And how to play my role
‘Til I get too old

By then remembering, oh
It better be enough
I’ll be covered head to toe
In the faded flower patterns of
Of nights like these
Of good times passed
I’ll be home at last

And I will give
Myself a fucking break

If things go my way
I’ll stay in this room
Where again I want to lay
Kissing someone new
Who tells me
Something pretty
So that I too
Can feel like someone New