Lyrics written by Helena Deland
Music written by Helena Deland and Jake Portrait
Produced and engineered by Jake Portrait and Helena Deland
Mixed by Gabe Wax
Mastered by Heba Kadry

Helena Deland: vocals, guitar
Jacob Portrait: bass, keys, drums

10. Lylz

You don’t need to worry
We’ve got this:
I’ve got my driver’s license
And you will need to practice
We’ll leave on the sly
Blasting the Boulanger sisters
And if one of us dies
The other will make sure
Her life’s work goes down in history

You’ll be famous
For burning
With desire
For everything

I don’t need to worry
we’ve got this:
I’m feeling isolated
and you’ve got all the gossip
Come over make face masks
Death masks
For future reference
A statue will smirk at tourists
Sitting on park benches

Let’s get out of here
Yeah, we’ve had it
It’s all smoke and mirrors
The time has come for us to vanish
Burn the bridge to this world
Of terrifying uncertainty
Step on it: hurl us into
Worthwhile mystery

You’ll be famous
For burning
And I’ll be known for
My taste in choosing
Who’s light mine burns out next to
Who I warm my life to
For everything