Written by Helena Deland
Produced by Valentin Ignat, Gabe Wax and Helena Deland
Mixed by Gabe Wax
Engineered by Valentin Ignat and Benoit Parent
Mastered by Heba Kadry

Helena Deland: vocals, guitar
Francis Ledoux: drums
Cedric Martel: bass
Valentin Ignat: keys
Alexandre Larin: guitar

4. Fruit Pit

Whose is this?
Not mine
I’d like to use it from time to time
If I lay down I’m fine

Read there
and smoke
A day’s worth of work
Gone through steady and slow

If you go anywhere
Will you take me?
And if you lost me there
Would you know where to find me?

Tired and true
Shrinking so small
You could fit me into
Something that belongs to you

Your red fanny pack
Fruit pit
Covered in spit
No one to see
Or interpret my body

And if you go to the show
Will you wake me?
Tell me and nobody else
Let’s not tell anybody