Written by Helena Deland
Produced by Gabe Wax, Valentin Ignat and Helena Deland
Engineered by Valentin Ignat
Mixed by Gabe Wax
Mastered by Heba Kadry

Helena Deland: vocals, guitar
Gabe Wax: keys

13. Fill the Rooms

Now that you’ve let me
You’ve let me inside your head,
Did you let yourself forget
I was in there and wanted music?

Now that you’ve put me
You’ve put me in charge of the rest
To entertain your guests
I will fill the rooms with music

You lead me to the basement to
Make me your replacement
You quit
And leave jumping from roof to roof
I guess I’ll be the one to choose

The last thing you hear
Is me screaming
“Come back,
Fill the empty rooms with music!”